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[Infographic] Why Your Small Business Needs a Payroll Specialist

Posted by Austin Walker on Oct 14, 2015 7:30:00 AM

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Taxes, in general, are always a pain.  When it comes to payroll and dealing with employee tax, along with the other state and federal taxes for a business, it can be a slew of problems or worse, fines.  

Keeping up-to-date with different tax codes, or new laws going into effect in the human resources department takes a lot of time.  It's difficult to come across that time for a small business, and can end up costing money, which they can't afford.

Outsourcing payroll to a professional is the best option.  The industry is flooded with competition, and makes for a price that can't be beat.  When it comes to shopping for an outsourced payroll provider the #1 concern should be customer support and service, not price. 

This infographic will show what's actually being outsourced to the payroll specialists, and how a small business owner can benefit:


Here is a simple list of payroll specialists:

ADP serves over 600,000 companies across the world and has a great reputation for reliability.  SurePayroll has an extremely simple way to get a quote and start doing business.  Gusto (formerly ZenPayroll) is a great outsourced solution for very small businesses with fairly uncomplicated payroll needs. 

Keeping in touch with the payroll service provider is important, so it's crucial to sign on with a company that can be communicated with and are sensitive to their customer's needs.

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 Reasons to use outsourced bookkeeping


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