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The #1 Sales Mistake Small Business Owners Make

Posted by Rick Roberge on Oct 20, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Small Business Sales CashWhen Matt asked me to write about "Sales Mistakes Small Business Owners Need to Stop Making," I said, "Sure!" But then I asked myself, "OMG! Where do I start?"Hiring the wrong people?

Taking the wrong customers?

Inadequate bookkeeping?

Wrong offer?

But notice that Matt specified "Sales Mistakes."

That's easy. The #1 sales mistake that small business owners need to stop making is thinking that their opinion matters.

Small business owners start their businesses for a reason. It might be to change the world. It might be to get rich. It might be that the owner likes what he sells. All of this matters to the owner, but it doesn't matter to anybody else.

However, while your customers might like you or like your offer, they won't buy your stuff unless they believe that it will change their world in a way that they want it changed. They don't care that you need to pay your rent, or your kid's tuition, or that you're trying to increase the value of your business so that you can sell it. They have to believe that you can fix a problem that they have or that they'll be able to do more with less or address some other issue that they want addressed.

It's not about you!

If you've been making this mistake, check out Unbound Growth and learn how to listen to your customers.

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