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Small Business Owners - Do you Look Forward to Friday or Monday?

Posted by Matt Roberge on Dec 19, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Successful Small Business OwnerDo you really love your small business? If so do you look forward to Friday or Monday more?

I was at a networking event with the SL Cirlce this past Tuesday and Dan Clark was the featured speaker. He gave a great talk that was full of emotions as well as both business and personal lessons. One line really stood out to me when he asked, "Do you look forward to Friday or Monday?"

His point is simple. Most employees look forward to Friday. They can't wait for the weekend. Wednesday is known as hump day and they start every week on a sour note with a case of the Monday's.

Business owners if they are truly passionate about their small businesses look forward to Monday. During the weekend you will most likely find owners enjoying their lives outside of the office, but yearning to be back to work. Some can't even put their business aside on the weekend and still have to do a little work. Monday morning comes and passionate business owners are excited to go back to work. They hit the ground running every single week. Unlike everyone else dragging on Monday thinking about Friday coming, owners are psyched to have an entire week ahead of them.

I remember when work was a drag. Sitting in the Hancock tower in downtown Boston, MA looking out the windows and wondering to myself "Is this it? Is this the rest of my life? Is this what I got an education for? What the heck am I doing?"

Now I'm the opposite. I'm excited to go to work every single day. I love my job. Do you?

If your week is a drag and you look forward to Friday instead of Monday let's chat. Starting in 2015 I am offering 1 on 1 business mentoring services.


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