The Best Integration Apps for Law Firms for Quickbooks Online

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The Best Integration Apps for Law Firms for Quickbooks Online

Law firms face new challenges every day as technology advances and security becomes more and more important. With the new remote work environment, it is essential that workflow processes keep up with the changes. This equates to eliminating manual work, maximizing performance, and helps to strengthen case victories.

Integrating for Professional Management of Law Firms

There is a plethora of management behind every case in a law firm. This applies whether it is a one-man show or a large enterprise. Starting with intake all the way until invoicing and beyond, case management is a vital part of every firm. Choosing the appropriate and efficient app to integrate with QBO ensures that your law firm runs like clockwork.

Let's look at 7 of the best integrations apps for law firms:

  1. Clio
    Chosen as a Category Leader for 2022, Clio offers a variety of options to smooth out the many wrinkles in professional law firm management. Operating as a client relationship center, it keeps track of cases, contacts, and tasks.

    It also handles administrative functions such as calendar organization, time tracking, documents, billing, payments, appointments, accounting, and reporting. Pricing is per user at $39 a month.
  2. Smokeball
    Another Category Leader for 2022, Smokeball includes access to over 17,000 federal, court, and county forms. It also allows for electronic signatures on retainers and engagement letters through Docusign. Smokeball features productivity tools that enable law firms to learn where they are losing money to help with pricing changes.

    This software won the Stevie Bronze award for Sales and Customer Service. Every member of your firm is able to receive onboarding, training, and ongoing assistance. Time and activity tracking is a breeze with Smokeball's automated process. Cost is $29 for each user per month.
  3. Lawcus 
    Workflow automation moves your law firm into a whole new level of case management. Intake forms, automated text and email messaging, time tracking, billing, contact and document management, reporting, and trust accounting are just part of the many facets of Lawcus.

    A customized dashboard and analytical reports identify non-profitable areas and ways to reverse this. A client portal means secure communication, easy document sharing, and collaboration. Pricing is based on features with a standard cost of $34 a month per user and plus features at $44 per user monthly.
  4. CASEpeer
    One of the most expensive choices, at $89 monthly per user, CASEpeer is targeted at personal injury law firms. With specialized reports and management tools, you and your staff know exactly what progress is happening towards your goals.

    CASEpeer offers cloud-based document storage, quick onboarding, medical treatment notes, negotiation, and witness tracking. Calendar management allows for task assignment, due dates, reminders, and priority levels to ensure deadlines are always met.
  5. PracticePanther
    An all-in-one software, PracticePanther promises to be easy and intuitive while overseeing every aspect of your law firm. From case and client control to invoicing and payments, this software does it all. With time entries conveniently posted, you'll never miss another billable hour.

    Work from anywhere, create multiple invoices in one click, see due dates all in one place, all while keeping all data completely secure with PracticePanther. Pricing is tiered based on features and users, at $39 for SOLO, $59 for Essential, and $79 for Business packages.
  6. Litify
    Built on the Salesforce platform, Litify is perfect for small to large practices. It is cloud-based and highlights include case and client management, forecasting, document storage, referral management, expense and time tracking.

    Litify wins an excellent customer service rating and appears to be an easy to learn system. With customizable options, law firms enjoy automation, best-in-class security, and real-time analytics. Difficult to find, the pricing is listed at a steep cost of $200 a user per month.
  7. LeanLaw
    Accomplish time tracking easily with LeanLaw. From billable time to expenses to invoicing, LeanLaw provides the big picture for your firm's analytics. The platform integrates with QBO and provides trust accounting to ensure your firm is reporting correctly. As it pinpoints billable gaps, your company profits are higher and more accurate.

    Online payments and one set of records for legal and bookkeeping means your firm is organized and ready for action. LeanLaw Core costs $45 a month per user when paid annually or $50 with a month-to-month plan. LeanLaw Pro is $55 per user a month for annual payment or $65 month-to-month.

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