Why We Offer Small Business Bookkeeping Services

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Why We Offer Small Business Bookkeeping Services

Why_We_Do_Small_Business_BookkeepingDid you ever wake up and ask yourself why you do what you do? Why do we offer bookkeeping services to small businesses in Salt Lake City as well as around the country? It's a valid question worth pondering. I'm sure many people have asked themselves a similar question of why they do what they do for a living. Some probably had an epiphany and gave their two weeks' notice that day. Others may have validated their careers to themselves. Yet there are the few that don't ask themselves this question because they are truly doing what they love. Their careers and jobs are not forced, it's a natural fit. So I asked myself why we offer small business bookkeeping services and here is what I came up with.

We Enjoy Bookkeeping

Beware if you have a queasy stomach; we love doing bookkeeping. I know some of you gagged pretty badly after reading that, but it's true we love our jobs. For some business owners bookkeeping is a dreaded task (kind of like fixing plumbing issues in my house for me). Taking away the pain of bookkeeping from a business owner is very rewarding. 

You can't really fake enjoying your career, especially when it comes to being a bookkeeper. It takes a really unique person to actually enjoy bookkeeping. Typically people that enjoy bookkeeping are extremely detailed oriented and really like to organize anything and everything. While handling bookkeeping is fun it's the result that good bookkeeping produces that is really fun, which is allowing businesses to scale. 

To Help Small Businesses Grow

I would say that my most favorite thing about doing bookkeeping is that it allows us to help businesses grow. Our mission really sums it up perfectly:

"We partner with small businesses nationally to deliver financial peace of mind. Through an understanding of their financials we enable small businesses and communities to grow. We accomplish this by leveraging technology to provide outsourced bookkeeping."

Helping small businesses grow is really what I wanted to do when I left college; I just had no idea. It took some real world work experience to truly understand what I wanted to do. Bookkeeping came very easy to me, it just made sense. What I didn't expect was how valuable the information that good bookkeeping produces is to smart small business owners. 

To Fulfill Our Passions

A huge part of our culture is that we enable our employees to fulfill their passions outside of work. Bookkeeping can be somewhat of a flexible job, but it can also be very demanding. I often tell people that I started my business so I could fly fish and ski more. While it may sound counterintuitive to choose accounting as my career, it made complete sense to me at the time. While passion can blind you as a small business owner, it can also really drive you to succeed. 

It's A Fairly Safe Career

Accountants tend to be conservative by nature and I certainly am no exception. While I like to think that I have a wild side, when it comes to numbers and money I definitely do not. In fact when it comes to simple decisions (like what order to do errands in) I can really over analyze things. I tend to think through every possible scenario and the likely outcome to the point of over analyzing it.

However, having a successful career was important to me and being a fairly conservative person I needed a safe career. The nice thing about accounting is people always need it. Successful businesses need bookkeeping as do those going out of business. However, I don't let that safe feeling blind me from what is happening. I can't go through the self-checkout line in a grocery store without the nagging feeling that many of our jobs will be replaced by machines in the future. 

Even though accounting may seem like a safe career I am constantly reminding our team that we need to stay relevant. We need to be thought leaders in the industry. We need to stay ahead and be willing to pivot in business when conditions change. So rather than focus on data entry bookkeeping we focus on advising our clients. We show our clients how to use the information that our bookkeeping services produce to grow their businesses.

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