SLC Bookkeeping's Most Popular Blogs Of 2012

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SLC Bookkeeping's Most Popular Blogs Of 2012

I started writing blogs for Salt Lake City Bookkeeping on 4/18/2010.  I guess I would explain my blogging experience with two words: growing pains.  At first I hated the concept of blogging and the word itself I found unappealing.  Blog, it just sounded weird to me.  I am an accountant not a marketing person, so how could blogging possibly help my business?  Now almost three years later I find myself wondering where we would be without blogging.  

Much of our blogging covers QuickBooks tips and outsourced bookkeeping ideas.  However, we like to talk about general small business ideas, sales growth and inbound marketing.  As an employee of our company you are required to write blog posts for our website, that is how important I think it is.  Not only does it make our blog more dynamic but it also gives our audience a glimpse of our business personality.  You can probably tell from poking around our website that we don't look like the "typical" accounting firm.  It is important to me that our passion for the outdoors shines through to our website visitors.  I think that all of our employees have a good sense of humor and that shows through in our blog posts.  The bottom line is starting a blog for your small business will prove to be a decision you will not regret.     

In case you missed them here are Salt Lake City Bookkeeping's ten most popular blog posts of 2012: 

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Blogging is so important for any small business.  Those business owners that don't believe in blogging or think it is a waste of time just have not had success with business blogging.  Blogging for your small business will give you a chance to showcase your business as a thought leader.  Blogging will also allow you to communicate a bit about your business personality and culture to your audience and prospective clients.  As a small business owner saying you're not a blogger is like saying you're not a salesman.  




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